Mesopotamia (incl. Syria)

MESOPOTAMIA (including Syria)


Data and Resources (open access):

AMAR: Archive of Mesopotamian Archaeological Site Reports

ACHIBAB – Archives babyloniennes (XXe-XVIIe siècles av. J.C (also in French)

BDTNS – Database of Neo-Sumerian Texts

CDLI – Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

Ebla Digital Archives

Emar Online Database (Syria)

*ETCSL – Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Language

IDD – Iconography of Deities and Demons in the Ancient Near East

KeiBi online beta: Die Keilschrift-Bibliographie im Net (also in French and German)

Mesopotamian Chronicles

Middle Euphrates Digital Archive


*The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TAARII)

Babylon Chronicle

*British Institute for the Study of Iraq

*The Greek Archaeological Mission in Mesopotamia

*The Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage – University of Delaware

*The Melammu Project – The Heritage of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East

*The Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary

*Studia Orontica (Syria)

Journals (open access):

*Les Annales Archeologiques Arabes Syriennes (AAAS)  [Archived at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine] (in English, French and Arabic)

SEAL – Sources of Early Akkadian Literature

State Archives of Assyria Bulletin

Newsletters and Bulletins:

*British Institute for the Study of Iraq – Newsletter

*Bulletin of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East

Observatoire des Musées Syriens – Notes Brèves et Utilitaires (in French) (server not working per Jan.2014)

Syrian Studies Association Newsletter

Online News (Archaeology):

*Assyrian International News Agency – Archaeology


*Ebla Chora (Syria)

*Ebla – Missione Archeologica Italiana in Siria (Syria)(also in English and Arabic)

Emar – Meskene – Materials for Emar Studies (Syria)

Tell Mozan (Syria)

*Tell Sabi Abyad Project – Syria

Umm el-Marra (Syria)

*Ur Region Archaeology Project



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