PROJECTS (Egypt & Sudan)

Many of them have been completed, and many of them have downloadable resources.


Abusir – The Site

Abydos – Umm el-Qaab (royal necropolis)

Abydos – Umm el-Qaab (cult of Osiris):

Altägyptische Bauornamentik im 1. Jahrtausend v. Chr. (in German)

Amara West Project (Sudan)

Amarna Project

Amarna Royal Tombs Project

Amarna Virtual 3D museum

Amenmesse Project (KV10)

The Ammoneion Project at Siwa Oasis

Die Archäometallurgie des Sinai: Ägypten (in German)

Architectural Remains at Abusir-South (excavation report)

*Aswan – Kom Ombo Archaeological Project (AKAP) (in Italian)

The Berber Abidiya Archaeological Project (Sudan)

*Bauten Amenhotep III. in Karnak (in German)

The Berenike Project  (1994-2001)

Buto / Tell el-Fara’in


Dahshur (Cluster)

Dakhleh Oasis Project

Das Grab des Königs Ninetjer (2. Dynastie, um 2780 v. Chr.) und seine späteren Nutzungsphasen (in German)

Delta Survey – EES (Homepage) and at Delta Survey – EES

Digital Karnak – UCLA

Dra’Abu el-Naga/Western Thebes

Edfu Project


Excavations at el-Hibeh

Excavations of the Architecture ‘Kom-al-Samak  and other Investigations at Malqata South (also in Japanese)

Expedition to Dahshur North (also in Japanese)

Expeditions to the Quarries of Ancient Egypt (also in Japanese)

Excavation in Egypt at Tell el-Balamun

Excavations of the Private Tombs in the Theban Necropolis (TT241),(TT128,129,317,318)(TT333,W-4,W-5,W-6) (also in Japanes)

The Faiyum Project – UCLA

*Gebel el Silsila Epigraphic Survey Project

Giza Plateau Mapping Project (Homepage) and at Giza Plateau Mapping Project (Oriental Institute)

Gurob Harem Palace Project and on also Facebook


*Hierakonpolis – City of the Hawk

Humbolt University Nubia Expedition  (also in German)

iMalqata (also has a blog)

The Karnak Great Hypostyle Project

Kerma – Mission Archéologique Suisse au Soudan (PDFs in English available)

Kings’ Valley Project – University of Basel

Kom Firin, Egypt


Late antique Hagr Edfu

The Lost City of the Pyramids (at Giza)


The Malqata Palace Project (interim report) (also in Japanese)

The Meröe Archaeological Salvage Project (Sudan) – Amri to Kirbekan Survey

Minufiyeh Archaeological Survey – EES

MISR – Mission Siptah – Ramses X. (KV18,32,47,54)

Mut Precinct – Karnak and at Mut Precinct – Karnak

*Napoleon Bonaparte’s Fleet (Frank Goddio)

Naga – Excavation Project (Sudan)

The North Abydos Votive Zone Project

*North Kharga Oasis Survey

Proyecto Djehuty – TT11 (presumably Spanish)

Proyecto Visir Amenhotep Huy

The Pyramid Complex of  Senwosret III, Dashur

The QuarryScapes Project

Qurna History Project

Regional Survey Governate Kafr esh-Schaikh (around Buto)

Royal Tomb of Amenhotep III (WV22) (reclearance – interim report, also in Japanese)

*Saqqara Geophysical Survey Project



South Asasif Conservation Project

Sphinx Project

*Sunken Civilisations – Alexandria – Heracleion – Canopus (Frank Goddio)

The Survey of Memphis – EES

Tanis – Mission Archèologique de Tell Dibgou (in French)

*Tell Edfu Project

Tell Basta Project and blog at Tell Basta Project

Tell el-Dab’a – Avaris (also in German)

Tell el-Farkha (also in Polish)

*The Theban Rock Tomb of Meri and Hunai (TT 95)

The Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey and blog at EES Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Project

Theban Mapping Project

Thutmosis III Temple Project (also in Spanish)

*The Tomb of Harwa (TT37)(also in Italian and Arabic) (also homepage for TT404?)

Tomb of Senneferi (TT 99) 1992-2002

The tombs K93.11/K93.12 in Dra’Abu el-Naga/Western Thebes (Luxor)

*TT184 (also in Magyar)

Virtual Kahun Project – database

The University of Basels’ Kings’ Valley Project (KV34)

The Workmen’s Huts in the Theban Mountains – Project 2008-2013 (and it looks beautiful now in 2014)



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