Panorama of the Valley of the Kings. Taken fro...


Many links in the In English category might be relevant to use as well. More Egyptological and regional links can be found in the Other Languages category, though some might have been included in the regional lists. Many of these are at least partly available in English as well. An attempt has been made to indicate the available languages, but are categorised according to their original language. The assignation of Syria to Mesopotamia and Jordan to the Levant is rather arbritrary.


Africa (mostly North Africa, excluding Egypt & Sudan)

Near and Middle East (These are mostly general links to research within the region, but that also have information on specific research)

Egypt and Sudan (This category has been sub-divided further)

Mesopotamia (including Syria)

The Levant (including Crete, Jordan)




India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka

Other Regions (includes at present: The Silk Road, Afghanistan, Tibet, Mongolia)



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