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Bones, evolution, carvings, lithics and folks



The Archaeology of Egyptian Deserts   (not updated since 2010)

The Archaeology of Portable Rock Art

john hawks’ weblog – palaeoanthropology, genetics and evolution

*Shadows and Stone (photographs)

Blogfeed Bundles:

Research blogging – archaeology (Results are mostly anthropology. bioarchaeology and osteology)

Data and Resources:

Aluka – Search Results: Cultural Heritage – Rock Art Sites – Egypt (photographs)

Open Access Archaeology (searches in open access publications only, also possible to search for journals)(very nice)

Open Directory Project – Prehistory (links to various data)(also various languages)(2003)

The Lithics Site (links)

Paleoanthropology Society – Dissertations

*Rock Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database


Aegean Prehistoric Archaeology

Aegeus – Society of Aegean Prehistory / Αιγεύς – Εταιρεία Αιγαιακής Προϊστορίας

Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution and Science (pdf’s and many links)

Ancient Trenches (long distance relations)

*Association de l’Art Rupestre Saharien (in French, English, Italian and German)

Becoming Human

Bradshaw Foundation (Rock Art archives, not open access)

Cave Archaeology and Palaeontology Research

*Centre for Rock Art Research + Management – The University of Western Australia

eLucy (old bones)

Human Origins Program (The Smithsonian Institution)

Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt (by Francesco Raffaele)

Libya Rock Art

The Megalithic Portal (with news &database)

Megaliths of India

Mesolithic Miscellany

*NESPOS – Pleistocene People and Places


Palaeoanthropology Society

Paleontological Research Corporation

Paleopathology Association

*Per Storemyr Archaeology & Conservation (the updates are always interesting)

Pôle International de la Préhistoire (some information available in English)

Prehistoric Ceramics Research Group

*Stone Age Bogs

Stone Pages

*Trust for African Rock Art – TARA


Journals (open access):

Human Origins

International Journal of Osteoarchaeology

International Journal of Paleopathology

ScienceDirect – International Journal of Paleopathology

Trabajos de Prehistoria

Traces in Time – eJournal


Le Musée de l’Homme

Neanderthal Museum

Newsletters and Bulletins:

Bulletin de la Société préhistorique français

PAST – Newsletter of the Prehistoric Society

Online News:

hominidés.com (French)

Physorg.com – Archaeology & Fossils

Smithsonian Magazine

Stone Pages – Archaeo News (mostly Europe)


Anthropology – Homepages:

Anthropology Report

The Daily Anthropologist

Uncontacted Tribes


Link Collections:

If you find a dead link,  highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine

and then paste the URL into the web address box to find original versions of the site.

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa – Links

Ressources sur le thème de la Préhistoire – Links

Sites traitant De L’Art Rupestre – Liens (Rock Art) (Various Languages)

List of twelve antropology blogs



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