More Languages


Many of the foreign language links are at least partly available in English or have access to texts in English.

(Could use some help in separating Spanish from Portuguese, comments are therefore enabled for this page, suggestions are welcome.)


Data and Resources:

*Banco des Imágenes – Huesos modificados de origen arqueológico (images of bones, showing natural or cultural alterations)

Digitized Arabic Texts – American University of Beirut

*IEAE – Curso Segundo de Jeroglificos 2012


Aegìpcia (Portuguese) (also English)

Archaeowiesci (Polish)

Arquelogia Egípcia (Portuguese) (also English)

La Egiptologia en los museos

Egíptomanía (also English)

*El Equipio NAyA (Argentina)

*International Centre for Underwater Archaeology in Zadar (Croatian, also in English)

*kemet.nl (Dutch)

*Nederlands-Vlaams Instituut in Cairo (Dutch)

*Terrae Antiqvae (in Spanish)

Tras las arenas del tiempo

*www.egyptology.ru (Russia)


*Revista de História da Arte e ArqueologiaJournal of Art History and Archaeology (Portuguese & English)

Trabalhos do CNANS – Arqueologia nautica

Zephyrus (Spanish)


Allard Pierson Museum – Amsterdam (Dutch)(also English)

Museu Egipci de Barcelona (Spanish)

Poznan Archaeological Museum (Polish)(also English)

‘Rijksmuseum van oudheden – Leiden (Dutch)(also English)

Online News:

Archaeologie Online (Dutch)

*Arquehistoria (Spanish)

*Témpora – magazine de Historia (Spanish)

Terrae Antiiqvae (Portuguese?)


Proyecto Djehuty – TT11 (Portuguese)

Proyecto Sen-en-mut (Portuguese)

*Proyecto Visir Amenhotep Huy

Video & Audio:

Arqueologia Egipcia – YouTube Channel (Portuguese)

*institutoegipto09 – YouTube Video Channel (Spanish)

Ushebtis – YouTube Channel




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