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Have received many comments lately… am not sure if they all were legitimate… such overwhelming positive reaction does seem suspicious. and adds to the workload, which is not nice when trying to be serious (groan)… but thanks anyways, with appreciation to those that were legitimate, if any… from now on the comment function is only … Continue reading


Dead or wrong links

It would be much appreciated if users of this site could find time to post in the comments of the ‘About’ page if they find dead links or in cases where they connect to the wrong page… have found a few, once in a while… but it would take a more than a whole days … Continue reading

Note on on-going reconstruction of webpage…

Since this is the first time I am doing this, all the links are best accessed on the full list on the main page for each category, which also is easier for cutting and pasting… The drop down pages at the top menu are all under construction, it might take a while considering the amount … Continue reading


Sorry if you were re-directed from Spacebook… Latest updates of the links marked by *

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