Glazed Composition Pectoral c.1250 BC New Kingdom/Reign of Ramesses II Glazed composition pectoral: in the form of a pylon, or temple gateway. It depicts the god Anubis as a jackal, with a winged ‘wedjat’, or sacred eye, in the upper left-hand corner. The colour blue connotes resurrection, as often remarked, and the colour yellow alludes to the sun, itself a powerful symbol of resurrection. (Source: The British Museum)
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The Opened Temple of Mut

Have been here in al-Uqsur for the past two months, now in January 2014, and it has as always been peaceful… but maybe even more so than during the past three years… At the end of November there were hardly any foreign visitors… excepting a few hardliners… who do not do their travelling in groups… … Continue reading


Updated lists of links

The lists of links have all been checked for faulty links and have been updated with many new ones per 27th January 2014… unfortunately the old computer crashed and many of the bookmarks disappeared… did have a small back-up version though… All the different lists are accessible through the tabs, or the sitemap on the … Continue reading

Meet The Precursor

Fell across this possible addition for personalising one’s computer at Origins Scientific Research Society, a freebie (Click here to get the download at that site)… Note: It seems as if some people got very enthusiastic about the idea, since the original cartoon circulated on Spacebook (or Facebook as they seem to prefer to be called), … Continue reading

Egypt, Old Cairo Paintings

In the process of adding new links to the various pages on this site, happily there was this: ‘Egypt, Old Cairo Paintings’. Try out the link. There are many good high quality photographs of orientalist paintings from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, with some information about the painters… Have always enjoyed the updates that … Continue reading

Another irresistable title: … That’s not snow – It’s Spiders!

The link to the video below is already some months old… That’s not Snow – It’s Spiders! It is included here, partly as an unfair attention grabber, in order to mark that the site will be under reconstruction in the following days… It should be accessible anyway… Unfortunately the old computer crashed with two years … Continue reading

An irresistable headline…

Ancient Skeletons killed from above …  India  

Ozymandias planted his feet back again on his pedestal

And in the meantime back at the Ramesseum there wasn’t a single tourist… The different fragments of Ozymandias had been moved yet once again, awaiting who knows what kind of treatment… And though the mighty Ramesses still sleeps, his feet are now placed on his pedestal… and in the not all that distant future he … Continue reading


As a theoretical method of analysis, Edward W. Said presented the concept of Orientalism in the book Orientalism: Western Conceptions of the Orient. His origins might seem to be central to his perceptions of some of the issues at stake in the confrontation between the West and the East. Edward W. Said (1935-2003) was born … Continue reading

Excavations remove the village of Susiya from the map…

Yes, this is apparently happening, but reading the rest of the is thought-provoking… archaeology used as an excuse to displace people on the West Bank,??? … and twice at that… apparently the remains of a synagogue were found… how convenient… archaeology has always been used politically as legitimisation, but this in my view is downright … Continue reading

A Very Nice Resource

Sorry, only one resource… Am in the process of updating this website… feel that the following link should not get drowned by the great amount of new links that will be added in a few days… * Open Access Archaeology This site searches for articles in open access publications only, and it is also possible … Continue reading

The Silk Road

Am in the process of updating all the lists with links gathered in the last fifty days… should be finished before too long… fell over this link with downloadable pdf’s, maybe something scientific to read during the summer holidays, or if one is dreaming of going far away… on a camel… one with two humps… … Continue reading


Have received many comments lately… am not sure if they all were legitimate… such overwhelming positive reaction does seem suspicious. and adds to the workload, which is not nice when trying to be serious (groan)… but thanks anyways, with appreciation to those that were legitimate, if any… from now on the comment function is only … Continue reading

Old Maps Online…

This open access link just came in via AWOL… the NYC subway map has nothing to do with it… Old Maps Online also found another link… Maps & Imagery Library at the University of Florida more links to open access maps can be found on this site at: Maps & Aerial Photography

Resurrecting Ozymandias???

Am back in Egypt, west bank of Luxor again after having been here for two months in the midst of winter… noticed then, that the feet of the great colossus of Rammesses II had been moved from in situ… speculated to myself at the time that a reconstruction might be underway… in the light of … Continue reading

Discussion about the newly ‘discovered’ king of Egypt

This post originally was posted on the discovery of the cartouche at Karnak… a new king… this immediately started a discussion on Facebook (extract below)… The first report has now been published… in French of course, and the link can be found below… This extract comes from a discussion in the Facebook group WWWide Archaeology, … Continue reading

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