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Though this internet site has a regional focus (see About this Site) , these are the various categories linking to the more general lists of archaeological links, many of which are of use for people interested in the Near East as well. It has in general been quite difficult to assign the links to various categories or regions, so it might be a good idea to try and look through those lists that might contain something of interest. A full list is unfortunately no longer available.


Blogs  (This category mostly contains more personal sites on the internet, or have the word ‘blog’ in the title. It has been difficult sometimes to differentiate them from homepages, which generally seem to have more resources.)

Blogfeed Bundles  (Gathers the feed from groups of blogs)

Data and Resources (Not free)

Data and Resources (Open access, many require registration, but have access to Near Eastern material)

Homepages  (Often with access to archaeological resources, some of which is Near Eastern material)

Journals (Not free)

Journals (Open access, most of them also to Near Eastern Material.)



Newsletters and Bulletins (open access)

Online News (archaeological)




Other Main Categories:

Other Languages (This category has been sub-divided further. Some of these links can be switched to an English version or have access to resources in English.)


Universities (Included are mostly those with resources on the Near East.)

Museums (Included are mostly those with resources on the Near East.)



Images (Photographs and Illustrations, but many museums have online catalogues of their collections or other photographic archives, so looking there might also be useful.)

Maps & Aerial Photography

Video & Audio

Link Collections




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