About this site

Even though many people presumably don’t read this section of any web-page, it is necessary to make a few remarks…

This page is non-profit and merely for personal use… and made available for anyone who might find it useful… though it seems to have become more work-intensive after people have discovered it !!!… not sure it shows up on search-engines, so if it is useful, it might be an idea to bookmark it…

Unfortunately WordPress.com has seen it fit to introduce ads in some cases on the various pages to certain viewers… am not sure what they are advertising for… not anything endorsed by this site, especially… and not anything that generates income…

This web-page is originally the result of making lists of gathered archaeological links, mainly about North Africa, the Middle East and India… This was originally done on Spacebook, but the ‘Notes’ function crashed repeatedly, resulting in a lot of wasted effort… These listed links can now be found via the tabs at the top of the page, or via the list of pages…

Many of the collected links are useful in greater contexts than purely Egyptology, or a specific region… an attempt has been made to make some semblance of order… The categories will seem rather arbitrary, of course, and also since so many websites have access to a wide array of resources… To offset this many of the links are in multiple categories…

An attempt will be made to check, weed out, or update dead links, from time to time… this will of course be virtually impossible..

If you find a dead link,  it is possible to highlight and copy the URL, then go to the Way Back Machine at: http://www.archive.org/index.html  and then paste the URL into the web address box to find original versions of the site…

Since this is an ongoing project, new links will gradually be added… and this web-page will be re-posted from time to time on Spacebook, where perusing the news feed has offered up many links…  updates should be posted about once a month, circumstances permitting… suggestions are welcome…

A few remarks about using this web-page might be appropriate:

1. The newly found links and therefore the most recent updates in the lists are marked by  *   … and updates are normally performed off-line and then transferred to this page…

2. Those entirely interested in Egyptology should be aware that many of the links in the other categories are useful as well, especially in the ‘Data and Resources’ part of the ‘In English’ category…

3. Many of the links listed under ‘Homepages’ have access to various resources… which also can be said of pages under many other categories…

4. If anyone wants their link included, this is possible, but only links which are deemed serious will be included, in which case suggestions for the category to include them in would be welcome… just post them below in the comments or on the wall of the Spacebook page, with instructions if it is possible to do so… regionally-focused links should be in the scope of this site…

5. Since the lists are meant to be useful for serious research, and haven’t been vetted academically by anyone at this end of the computer, it is recommended to ask a relevant authority in the case of using found information for academic work, necessarily if in doubt… feedback would be appreciated if it is negative…

The Spacebook page posts are mainly a selection of archaeological news and links, mostly Egyptology, but sometimes also concerning other matters, and also functions as a kind of buffer or short term memory… it is possible to access this page and check out the posts and links without having a Spacebook page of one’s own… much interesting material can be found there… and the latest updates there do reflect in an arbitrary way the newest items of interest within the scope of this page…

The Spacebook page can be found at:


It is possible to contact the website administrator at: joeke@jubii.dk

Am grateful that this site is being referred to by other sites, and take it as an appreciation of the work that has gone into it…



5 thoughts on “About this site

  1. This is such a wonderful site,with so much information which can be used ” I would think ” as a reference guide. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge.

    Posted by ritaroberts | November 30, 2012, 10:32 am
  2. Thankyou for the ‘Like’ on my blog about Pottery in Archaeology

    Posted by ritaroberts | December 9, 2012, 11:23 am

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