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The Silk Road

Silk Road 1992

Silk Road 1992 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Am in the process of updating all the lists with links gathered in the last fifty days… should be finished before too long… fell over this link with downloadable pdf’s, maybe something scientific to read during the summer holidays, or if one is dreaming of going far away… on a camel… one with two humps… at least part of the way…

The Silk Road Journal

a typical case of procrastination… on my part… but enjoyable…

also:  History of Civilisations of Central Asia

more silk road links on this site at Other Regions


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Glazed Composition Pectoral c.1250 BC New Kingdom/Reign of Ramesses II Glazed composition pectoral: in the form of a pylon, or temple gateway. It depicts the god Anubis as a jackal, with a winged ‘wedjat’, or sacred eye, in the upper left-hand corner. The colour blue connotes resurrection, as often remarked, and the colour yellow alludes to the sun, itself a powerful symbol of resurrection. (Source: The British Museum)


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