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Discussion about the newly ‘discovered’ king of Egypt

This post originally was posted on the discovery of the cartouche at Karnak… a new king… this immediately started a discussion on Facebook (extract below)… The first report has now been published… in French of course, and the link can be found below…

This extract comes from a discussion in the Facebook group WWWide Archaeology, with kind permission:

From Nana Qotb to Mr. Moustafa Abou Hussein:

…regarding the King Ta’o ‘s -apparently with his prenomen ( nsw-bit) “Se Nekhet N Re” -newly excavated relics at Karnak, which was announced recently, in collaboration with the ” IFAO” , by catchy headines — well by revising this trusted link : http://www.cfeetk.cnrs.fr/uk/index.php?page=senakhtenre I had highlighted the subject : ” This is the first contemporary document of this king ever discovered in Egypt. His name was previously known only by three documents written one or two centuries after his reign during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth dynasties (ca. 1543-1186 BC.).” — regardless to the propaganda of media — this Pharaoh is known but not certainly, as evident by only a few -not so crucial or chronological monuments which confuse his role in the 17th dynasty ( v. important Hyksos period) but just known as the predecessor of famous warrior & martyr SeqnenRe Tao II . besides some few other monuments hardly to mention —
I gathered for you this titulary from winglyph software as a reminder , however I remembered nothing about this king until u noted “تاعا” \ Ta’o as for the prenomen was not that prominent to my notice.

So nothing to be fooled with , the case here I assume is putting spot on that serious excavation work as for the king’s position, which may later reveal fundamental results and add worthy evidences to history of that era.

the reference (von Beckerath, Handbuch der Aegyptischen Koenigsnamen. pp. 128-129 ) you have provided is a great proof of the few info known about this king , too few to be mentioned, similarly the rest of the books that tackles chronology . I hope this on going excavation by the IFAO add more pages to history of pharaohs.


French article via The Great Karnak Hypostyle Project:
The names of Senakhtenre, recently found on a doorway (see
past thread “dyn. 17 doorway in Karnak discovered”), have now
been published in:

Sébastien Biston-Moulin
“Le roi Sénakht-en-Rê Ahmès de la XVIIe dynastie”
ENIM 5, p. 61-71 – 22 mars 2012


via Aayko Eyma


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3 thoughts on “Discussion about the newly ‘discovered’ king of Egypt

  1. Thanks for your concern!
    Let’s wait for the excavators surveys at Karnak !

    Posted by Nano Qotb | March 7, 2012, 12:42 pm

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