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It would be much appreciated if users of this site could find time to post in the comments of the ‘About’ page if they find dead links or in cases where they connect to the wrong page… have found a few, once in a while… but it would take a more than a whole days work to check them all… and that is not in the pages at the moment… pun intended… 🙂 …(but am working on it now in 2014, and all of them should be correct as per January…)


About archaeologicallinks

Glazed Composition Pectoral c.1250 BC New Kingdom/Reign of Ramesses II Glazed composition pectoral: in the form of a pylon, or temple gateway. It depicts the god Anubis as a jackal, with a winged ‘wedjat’, or sacred eye, in the upper left-hand corner. The colour blue connotes resurrection, as often remarked, and the colour yellow alludes to the sun, itself a powerful symbol of resurrection. (Source: The British Museum)


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