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Champollion and Rosellini Expeditions online

Wasn’t really my intention to do much posting on this page, but this just came in…

Here is the link…

*Champillon and Rosellini Online: http://www2.odl.ox.ac.uk/gsdl/cgi-bin/library?site=localhost&a=p&p=about&c=sackle01&ct=0&l=en&w=iso-8859-1

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Glazed Composition Pectoral c.1250 BC New Kingdom/Reign of Ramesses II Glazed composition pectoral: in the form of a pylon, or temple gateway. It depicts the god Anubis as a jackal, with a winged ‘wedjat’, or sacred eye, in the upper left-hand corner. The colour blue connotes resurrection, as often remarked, and the colour yellow alludes to the sun, itself a powerful symbol of resurrection. (Source: The British Museum)


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